I was born in Macau in 1985, and graduated in Architecture in Lisbon in 2008. My different professional experiences between Lisbon, Ahmedabad, Paris, Brussels or London, led me to question the practice of architecture, the role of the architect, to construct and sharpen my vision on this discipline

I believe Architecture is a complete and complex discipline. It must listen to and give answers to the demands of a spe- cific place, a singular landscape, a future user, a particular program, while respecting specific constraints to an order and precise regulations. A discipline that must be sensitive, but also critical, to the needs of a society.

In a world dictated by economic power, architecture has been contaminated by a culture of globalization and stand- ardization where speed, a cult of the image or momentary satisfaction for the eccentric, superimposed the quality and perenniality of the space. More than ever, we, architects, must be aware of our responsibility as creators of spaces that will be inhabited and where the daily experiences of future users will be inscribed. By the arrangement of vol- umes, the choice of materials, the design of light, the fo- mentation of certain sensations, we condition and we can improve the people’s lives.

To conceive these spaces, we must nourish and learn from everything that surrounds us: from people and Nature, from the different cultures, from tradition and History , from our collective memory, but also from our individual one.

All those create and nourish my imaginary.

Furthermore, architecture is a transdisciplinary field. It is therefore fundamental to connect, interact and learn from the different actors, capable of giving answers in various fields and disciplines.

Finally, as architects, we must always evaluate and ques- tion ourselves as well as and our practice. We must be active in society, listening to it and participating in its evo- lution.

But all this wouldn’t be architecture if we did not leave space to intuition, to the unsaid, to the small “big” things that are not descriptible or explainable that make Archi- tecture an Art.

Architecture is therefore the right balance between poet- ry and objectivity, between the unspeakable and the con- crete.
These convictions build the architect that I am.

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